Why App Marketing?

With over 1 million Apps in the App Store, it’s easy for an App to go unnoticed. Though some Apps becomes overnight success stories, the truth is every App needs a strong marketing strategy to succeed.

With our strong experience in iPhone and Android Apps, we can help your app to get more downloads, increase engagement and generate more revenue.

The Strategy.

App marketing is not a random checklist of items. Just as any other marketing campaign, the success of an App is backed by a well planned and executed marketing strategy.

Ideally the marketing strategy should be prepared even before the App is launched. However our consultants can work with you to prepare a strategy at any stage of a App’s life-cycle.

We can help you to get there. For a FREE consultation, contact us now.

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What we Do

And Why it Matters

Social Media Strategy

For more exposure

A well planned social media strategy will increase your App’s downloads and user engagement. We can work with you to plan, implement and manage the right social media campaigns.

App Store Optimisation

For better discovery

Many people find new Apps through your App’s organic ranking in the App Stores. Our tactical methods can improve the rankings of the App to get more installs and feedback.

Mobile Advertising and Management

For rapid growth

Use Mobile and Native Ad platforms to get more exposure. Our team specialises in setting up and managing the most optimised campaigns, so that you get the best ROI for your budget.

App Video Creation

For clarity

Using video is one of the most effective methods to increase the awareness of the main features of your App in few seconds. We can create engaging videos to be used in App Stores as well as in social media channels.

App Analytics & Surveys

For insights

What are the most used features of your App? Are there any features that users don’t like? With App Analytics you’ll exactly find that out, so your next release will be a perfect user experience.

Price Optimisation Strategy

For maximum ROI

Should you sell your App for $0.99 or $4.99? You’ll find the best price for your App by using a Price Optimisation Strategy, so that you’ll increase profit margin per install.

Email Engagement Campaigns

For increased retention

Use email to get more installs and bring back old users. More engagement through email will help to keep your App on top of users’ minds.

App Review Strategy

For a positive image

Is it an accident that some Apps have great reviews and some don’t? Well, there’s a strategy to get more positive reviews. Contact us today to find out how.

Elegant Media

Elegant Media is a technology agency based in Melbourne. Since 2009, we’ve contributed to nearly 100 mobile App projects. We specialise in mobile App development and marketing. Contact us to discover the optimal App marketing strategy for your business.

Your Free Consultation.

You can discuss with our team to put together a plan to reach your goals, whether it’s increasing installs, rankings or revenue. Contact us today for your free consultation. This is not a sales call. It’s your opportunity to discuss your project with one of our experienced App Strategy Consultants.

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